Warrior Woman: A New Take on Eshet Chayil

Eishes Chayil Mi Yimtzah, B’Rachok Mipnimim Michra
Warrior Woman!
Where can you be
Better than pearls
Worth more than anything

Batach ba lev Ba’alah, v’shalal lo yechsar
He trusts her with his life
without questioning intuition
and that’s saying something
- she lacks, nothing
because she goes for what she wants
and get it, she does

Gemalashu tov v’lo ra, kol yemei chayeha
When he gives it to her, she dishes back
but only the good parts
(She cuts him some slack)
like a shock absorption system
Boomerang of goodness, filter of pain
with everlasting guarantee

Darsha tzemer ufishtin, vata’as b’chefetz kapeha
Weaver of oneness
she threads it all together
Spinning stories, life and truth
ideas sewn into daily practice
to become clad in the balance of life
as living proof

Haysa kaniyos socher, mimirchak tavi lachma
Vatakam beod layla vatiten teref leveysa v’chok lenaroseha

Networker and negotiator
Her connections are near and far
she’s trekking the distance, even in darkness
to bring light
to the night
to the fight
wherever you are

Zamama sade vatikacheu, mipri kapeha nata karem
She follows through, from strategy
to completion, with integrity
Using leftover remains to create, contain
for greater growth
and bounty

Chagra beoz masneha va’tamaoz zeroseha
Taama ki tov sachra, lo yichbe balayla nerah

She’s strong, yet vulnerable
glorious in splendid strength
Dispenser of truth
- and healing soup!
Day or night, at any length

Yadeha shilcha bakishor vechapeha tamchu palech
Kapah parsa le’ani, v’yadeha shilcha l’evyon
Lo sira misbeysa mishaleg ki chol beisah lavash shanim
Marvadim asesah la, shesh v’argaman levusha
Nodeh basharim ba’alah b’shivto im ziknei aretz

No end to her devotion
though she’s constantly in motion
She weaves, she sustains
She warms, she contains
She supports, although she knows
Sometimes men like to think in prose

Sadin Asesah Vatimkor, vechagor nasna laknani
oz vehadar levusha vatischak leyom acharon
Pi’ha bascha bechochma v’toras chesed al leshona
Tzofiah halichos beis v’lechelm atzlus lo tochel

she communicates and says what she wants and what she means
She fights death and laughs at fear
Kindness is her only language
The essence is clear

Kamu baneha vayashruha, ba’lah vayehalela
Rabos banos asu chayil v’at alis al kulana

Rise up! Let her know
Her efforts aren’t all show
tell her what she is, to you
the others, don’t come close
it’s true

Sheker hachen v’hvel hayofi Isha yiras Hashem hi tishalal
Pretty is, as pretty does
but it doesn’t mean much to me
A lady of strength
Who channels love and the Divine
that’s the embodiment of

Tnu la mipri yadeh viyhalleluha basharim maseha
Warrior woman, weaver of might
Be praised, be loved and upheld
Bring beauty to the fight
Shine light in the night
And let it be known
From rooftops to gates
Across all fifty states

That she’s loved