A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year and the Road Ahead:


Loosely based on the traditional Unetaneh Tokef Prayer, traditionally recited on Rosh Hashana - the Jewish New Year.


A powerful day

The first of the year

Where we start to worry and start to fuss

Over what will happen

It’s hard to trust


It’s awe-inspiring, it fills us with fear

What’s coming for the New Year?

We start to remember, based on deeds of the past

That whatever we had planned didn’t necessarily come to pass


There’s usually a plan, call it luck, I call it Divine

That rearranges the cards and draws the lines

The fact is, the Creator knows what’s on the upcoming playlist

Sometimes shuffling, sometimes rearranging

Adding a new “next up”

To the cosmic lineup


It’s all laid out, there’s a route, there’s a map

Then we take the wheel

And it’s all “recalculating!”

You took the wrong step, or was it a lesson in life?

Not just mishap


The thing is they’re not missteps, they’re all planned and Divine

Signed and sealed and based on what we’ve lined up in the everflowing pass of time


We can get real scared, clam up and freak out

Think about all the crap we’ve sent out in the universe,

Hands up over face, defence position

I’m sorry Mama, Papa! Please don’t shout.


Or we can listen to the call,

The cry that tells us it’s all

Going to be okay

Just fine

Wonderful, even

If we let it happen

Step in the flow

Pray with our hearts and minds

Set up an intention

We’re good to go


So instead of meditating on life or death

Contamination or salvation

Incarceration or elation

Subjugation or freedom

Repression or self expression

Decimation or creation?

Degredation or exaltation?

Perspiration or celebration?

Suffocation or exhalation?


We can change it all

The power’s in our hands

It starts with a quick reorientation

A snap of the strings

A prayer, a wish, a decision to do something



Than before


A decision never to turn back the roads travelled past

To break the habits of years

And bring in justice into deeds whose impact will last


Chew on this:

Where are we off to?

Where do we want to go?

Which turnstile did I enter?

Which station am I idling at?

Which train am I embarking?

Where am I heading?

Line it all up, it’s there for us


We’re not the fanciest of all creatures, we’re pretty weak

We’re flesh and blood, we like to eat and sleep

There’s all kinds of nastiness that runs through our veins

We come from dust, we pray for rains

We can’t eat without benevolence from above

We can’t sleep without fear and so we run from love

We’re a broken pot shard in the scheme of things

But we can flower and grow

If we only acknowledge the setup

The ability to change the direction

With some introspection


There’s a God out there, Great Spirit, Love that’s Divine

And it’s all planned in a way that’s going to be sublime

If we choose to, we can rid ourselves of fear of death

And jump into the wind


Of goodness






A few outward deeds that indicate the time is near

To be the best damn person I can be

This new calendar year

You will see, you will see, just how good it will be, in the year, in the year, that’s to come!