Keep Calm and Do It All Again

When I feel it's all gone to pieces, that the work done hasn't achieved anything

When I know I've invested my all and put in my sweat, my blood and tears

When I feel my ego crawl up through the box I've put her in

When I know she's taking over with her why me, why now, this isn't fair to me

When I feel the anger rise and the long-buried feelings come by surprise

When I know it's not my nature but an ugly part of the human soul we call animal

When I feel the disconnection occur, the snap of a string between me and Divinity

When I know it's because I've let myself take over and forgotten why, why I do it at all

When I feel it's time to take a deep breath, to remember and connect with purpose

Then I know I can continue, and be, and do it all again, because it's worth it for me

And keep calm

And breathe

Rather than let myself sever

the connection that keeps me tethered

so instead of anger, let in peace

let the feelings overtake, then just as quickly, leave

Remember the test the universe likes to place

in front of our path, to keep us in pace

So it's time to keep calm

and do it all again

and remember it's not us

it's not me

It comes from Hashem