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Music as Medicine @ Let My People Sing!

The Chassidim of yestseryear crafted the worldless niggun for the purpose of connecting to God to higher spirit - and to themselves, through the journey of transformation that is music. We'll explore music as medicine and find the inner meditation in Nigun, from Chabad and other Chassidic traditions, with modern applications to our own personal journeys.

This workshop is part of the Let My People Sing! weekend retreat at Isabella Freedman in Falls Village, CT. It requires registration with the retreat and will be held on Sunday at 9.15am.

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10:00 AM10:00

Dancing in the Dark: Shadows of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

The work of our time is to harmonize and integrate our internal masculine and feminine elements, understanding our own shadows and bringing them to the light so we can learn the lessons and move forward. We’ll explore the underpinnings of this sacred struggle through Kabbalah and other ancient goddess myths, and journey into our own experience with guided meditation, drumming and a bass-driven dance into the depths.

This workshop at Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream 2017 requires purchase of a 3-day festival pass to Gratitude Migration and will take place on Sunday morning at the Mind-Body-Spirit domes by Archimedes Designs.

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