Missed Opportunity or Springboard for Success?

Let's turn our failures into success.

Without looking back.

Without crying over spilled milk and wondering what could have been.

Without regretting those twenty minutes of procrastination, or that night we chose to have fun instead of do the work, or those moments we doubted ourselves and let fear get in the way.

Can we take those missed opportunities and let them be the lesson our Moms told us we don't even need a punishment, we're already so sad about our learnings?

But instead of letting our bottom lips wobble and running off to cry into our pillows, can we step forward, and move ahead, with the knowledge and the wisdom to never, ever do it again?

Can we learn from those mistakes and let that failed opportunity be a springboard for our movement into the future?

For every moment we dwell on that mistake, we rue the past and wonder what will ever happen now, we forget the importance of how right now, in this present moment, we are wiser than we ever have been.

And we have every chance of making it in the future, because, well, now we know.

And now that we know, we'll never do it again.

Or if we do, it'll be another mistake, to chalk up to experience and know how much we've learned.

So we move on, we trek forward, and we see the pregnant lessons within the missed chances.

We can have feelings. We can feel sadness. We can feel regret, even if we know we're not meant to do things any other way than how it happened. We can express sorrow, or frustration, or even anger.

But we don't hold on to them, and let them get us down. 

We're made for more than that.

We're made to win.

And the only way we win is by moving forward.

Wiser than ever before.