The Power to Go Beyond Time Is Ours

Our biggest obstacle is the failure to live in the moment.

To consider time our worst enemy.

To fail to comprehend that we have all the time in the world, if only we use it wisely.

To squander our time on useless things, worrying or procrastinating or living in fear. All the time.

But, see, we are human.

Which means that are our greatest gift, along with our greatest enemy, is time.

Let's travel through the Torah, to Ancient Egypt. There's a ragtag group of tribes there, known to the locals as "The Hebrews", the slaves who are forced by virtue of their race and heritage to live as second class citizens. Building the pyramids. Living in fear. Having their firstborn children taken away from them. Classic oppressive society, we know the concept. 

This tribe is up against the greatest civilization in known history. The Egyptians embody power, money, riches, success, dark forces of energy that are the technology of the time. They know how to make magic, they lock their prisoners in with an iron first, they are the acclaimed society of the time and everyone knows it. Including this group of slaves quivering in fear, even as a savior comes and says to them, Hey Guys. Time's Up. 

"The name's Moses," says savior, "And I know you guys don't trust me so much. I'm here on behalf of a God that your fathers once worshipped, but I know you don't trust Him too much either." The people have been beaten and battered, they've seen it all, they do not see any Divine reality in the world they inhabit, a world where gender roles are reversed and work gets undone each night to be redone the next morning and bricks need to be made from scratch. They're all about this Egyptian order, because at least they're getting fed. At least they know where they'll sleep at night. Moving out of Egypt isn't going to be fun, this whole three days in the Desert thing that Moses is proposing to Pharoah, the leader who does not want his free slaves to go so quickly.

But the time is nearing for redemption, and the people are starting to believe. They witness the natural world turn its order - not once, not twice, but ten times. Their oppressors are being struck down left, right and center.

Even as the dictator insists on continuing to oppress the minorities, at the expense of his people who are suffering as a result, the plagues reign on. There's no clean water to drink - just blood in the waterways. There are invasions of foreign species in home, body and property - lice in the hair! boils on skin! frogs in the bed! scary animals outside your house! - and then their property is attacked too - locusts eat the harvest; farm animals perish; and big nasty hailstones flatten whatever remains. They're paralyzed in darkness and then the final whip arrives. The Egyptians are not happy, but their dictator prevails - and so every able-bodied firstborn man in the country is carried off by the Angel of Death. It's apocalyptic, it's Biblical, it's where the stories come from and it's not unfamiliar to today's narrative.

But let's go back to these people. This Hebrew tribe. These guys who are down in the dumps, feeling completely incapacitated to take agency and live life beyond slavery. They just cannot see the ability to make choices, to live life on their own, to worship the Divine as they please - they're just burned out. Egypt has that affect on you.

So now God, this Divine Being who's been the mouthpiece all this time for Moses actions, steps in. As we reach the big crescendo, as the people are going to finally shake off the shackles and dance out into the sea in a pretty Disney montage, the commandment comes:

"This month shall be for you the Head of the Months." A new commandment, the first custom the people will take on together as a real Nation, no longer a motley crew of tribes. The command to follow the moon's phases for counting the months, and to begin said counting from this month - the month of Nisan. 

“This month shall be FOR YOU the head of the months”
— Exodus

"This month shall be FOR YOU." We know that in Judaism, Rosh Hashana is celebrated at the beginning of the Jewish New Year in Tishrei - kinda around September time, usually. This biz about the new year beginning in Nissan is complicated. It's used sometimes, sure, but it still doesn't change the fact that the big party and the apples and honey happen in Tishrei.

That might be the New Year for God, in Tishrei. The New Year when we celebrate and remember the creation of the universe, nice job at manifesting into finite reality, Divine Light, you've done it well. We're raising our glass to a job well done.

I mean, did you HEAR about the time Divine LoveLight contracted and expanded itself billions of times into infinite particles that manifested into an actual, finite universe? Cool story, bro. That's Creation, it's a Thing. And we're so grateful for it, and all.

But in Nissan, the New Year celebrates Next Level Creation. It celebrates Transformation.

But what about that time that every law of nature was suspended and the entire natural order came apart? Lots of rearranging and suspending of all these natural laws that were so sweetly organized at Tishrei, to break open every boundary and redeem a downtrodden people from an iron prison. 

That's Nissan. That's transmutation. That's taking every single thing that holds you back and creating something new, and beautiful, and completely unimaginable in its place.

And you can only do it if you acknowledge that none of these rules apply. That you've entered into Redemption zone. That in order to be in Redemption State, everything becomes malleable. This month is now FOR YOU. You are now beyond time. 

We're human, which means we live in time. It's part of three dimensional existence. But we're also Divine souls in these human bodies, which means there's always a space we can go to that is beyond time.

And that is the gift we get as we go from being a motley tribe into a bona-fide nation. To know that we can always choose to live outside the confines of the laws of nature, the trappings of physical human existence, and reach higher.

That this month is for US. That time is ours. The heritage, the legacy, the gift passed down to us, to do with it as we wish.

To transcend it. To transform it. To create our own reality, by being in the now.

To look at all the overwhelming indications of dictatorial existence, all the slavery-induced states of oppressive existence, and remember that we, too, can get out of this mess. That even the most powerful nation, the most extraordinary technology, the most repetitive and observable laws of nature, are putty in the hands of Divine Light which can shine wherever you choose to let it in.

It's our choice to be Divine.

it's our choice to let love win.

It's our choice to stick together to overcome, and to stay positive knowing that we can do it.

It's our choice to take ownership over the world around us and know we have the capacity to transform and create.

It's our choice to forget complacence and remove words of defeat from our vocabulary. It's our choice to live in the moment, every single day, and focus on what's in front of us.

So we can create, beyond nature.

So we can elevate, outside the box.

So we can transform, into something new.