If you practice being love, you don't have to work so hard to act like it

Ah, love. That thing we all want, the thing we all try to get more of in our life, that thing we all chase with the ardor of a thousand warriors and the thirst of a crazed pack of camels. We want love, we want transcendence, we want ecstasy, and we often pay the price for it - without realizing that it's not as steep as we think. We readily part with our sanity, our own essence of self, for the sake of uniting with this great godforce of love, but there's a big piece of the picture we forget in the process.

We are love.

We are made from it.

It is the divine stuff from which we are hewn, the piece of the pattern that's chewn off and created into something new, the stardust and organic matter and flesh and blood and spirit and magic that we all know we contain within - that is Love. That is the Love that we all are.

We are children of Love, from the very act that creates us which the fancy people call "making love" to the spiritual idea that as children of God, we carry Divine DNA - which sounds a lot like love, if you ask me. 

So if we're made of love, why are we trying so hard to find it? Why do we chase it and run up and down hills with thirst and sweat and tears when we can just sit still, within ourselves, and BE it?


Because if we practice just simply BEING love, letting our own inner nature of Divine love take over, then we get to be like the people who ask "What Would X Do" and go straight into, "What Would Love Do"?

Love does all kinds of things, but it sure as hell doesn't do the stuff that we try to do as we chase love and run away from the pain that we think prevents us from feeling love.

Love is a way of being and not a way of doing, and so, instead of trying to act like love all the time, to act like we feel it and to act like we know what it is and to act like we want it, why not just try BEING it instead?

Do what love would do. See how it works.

What would love do, if love were confronted with a knocked-over supermarket cart in a crowded store? What would love do, if love were facing a hurt family member locked in a wall of their own resistance? What would love do, if love were stuck in an immobile situation in the workplace filled with egos and material deadlines and all kinds of tension that only love can erase?

Love would be love.

So try it.

Practice it.

Like everything that's a practice, it takes time to finally become. But when you practice, you get used to it. And stop practicing acting. Because then you're still acting. Elevate your rehearsals straight to the big guns - or the big love, really: The practice of being.

Being love.