On Psalms

People ask why I like to recite psalms - the original prayer. Not only are these the original song lyrics, a framework for praising, asking, beseeching the Divine above and connecting with the Divine within us, but they are the international, everlasting framework of prayer for so many.

When we recite, chant, sing psalms, we connect with our ancestors who cried over these same words for thousands of years; and we connect with others around the world doing the same, to unite our voices in one song and create the ripples that can activate real change in this world. As our brothers and sisters are in danger across the seas in Israel, let's lift our voices to remember what connected us all in the first place, and ask the One above to bring safety to our land.

"In you our fathers trusted, they trusted and You delivered them. They cried to You, and escaped - in You they trusted, and they were not ashamed." - Psalm 22.