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#SoulHacks: Yesod/Grounding @ CAY

  • Chevra Ahavas Yisroel 306 Albany Ave Brooklyn NY 11225 United States (map)

Spring is here! Motivation abounds! Don't you just want to be a better human when the sun shines? To let go of the grime and hack your way back to being a Soul, not just an angsty New Yorker? Sefiras Haomer is here, and it's the perfect time to brush up on what these fancy Sefiros really mean; what they stand for in our bodies (like chakras!); and how we can tap into the power of this time period to become the bestest people - nay, SOULS! - we can be. 
For the fourth year running, Rishe Groner of The Gene-Sis presents #SOULHACKS, a 49-step process to ultimate transformation, exploring each Sefirah week-by-week with practical, tangible tips to work on every single day. Each week, we'll explore the energy of that sefirah, from Opening the Heart (Chesed) to Manifesting Creatively (Malchus). 
Join us on Mondays at 8 PM (some alternative dates apply, check the schedule!) for learning, discussion, creative readings, maybe some singing, and lots of practical tools. Snacks too!

PWIW (Pay What It's Worth): $5-15. 
Questions? Email Rishe. Check out previous SoulHacks social media posts on or @thegenesisters on Instagram.

Our Schedule: 
Tuesday May 28 - Grounding Connection (Yesod) 
Monday June 3 - Manifesting Creatively (Malchus)