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Menstrual Magic - Sacred Space & Time - @ Catharsis on the Mall

The bleeding of the womb and the new moon has occupied central space in spiritual traditions, from rituals to community norms, from the empowering to the subjugating. Join us on an exploratory journey around the traditions associated with menstruation from the ancient near-eastern Rabbinic tradition, grapple with how it was presented in texts over the last several millennia, and empower yourself to create new inspired rituals formed from the ancient ones. Our sisterhood of the Radical Matriarchy camp will provide a safe space for speaking honestly of womb time and what that means for all our wombxyn.


New York and DC based women and female identifying multidisciplinary artist collective, the Radical Matriarchy, returns to Catharsis on the Mall to birth and breathe life to the 50+ designs for a safe, joyous world drafted by attendees of their Living Womb installation. After collecting and incubating these visions, the Matriarchs bring you their culmination through their installation Womb World. Coming soon, to a lawn near you!