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Passover Retreat @ Isabella Freedman

Join Rishe Groner of The Gene-Sis for a week of heart-opening embodied classes, workshops, prayers and singing circles at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT, nestled in the Berkshire Mountains.

Classes will include:

#SoulHacks: A Daily Practice based on Sefirat Haomer

MIriam's Timbrel + Miriam's Dance: Text-based study and embodied dance magic!

Gratitude is the Medicine: Modeh Ani as Mission Statement

Spilling Blood, Spilling Wine: Exercising Compassion over our enemies' downfall

Awakening the Shechinah: The Kabbalist Feminist Approach to Liberation!

Children's Programming - Where Our Feelings Live; Children's Seder & Kabbalat Shabbat