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Well of Wills Retreat

  • shakespeare on the hudson (map)

Thousands of years ago in Egypt, the Jewish people were enslaved. Against this violent backdrop, Jewish husbands lost their will to sleep with their wives, fearful for any offspring their union might bring into this bleak reality. Yet, Jewish women refused to despair and surrender to a life without pleasure or hope. It is recorded that it was the Jewish women who resisted this hopelessness and used mirrors to beautify and transform themselves and seduce their husbands. This was an act of protest and of radical self-transformation outwardly and inwardly. This is the power of feminine imagination, and this is our essence.

Girl power and imagination are not new. We've been awed by women throughout history and in our times who have transformed their realities, broken glass ceilings, and changed the world with their vision. Yet today, whether we notice or not, our feminine imagination is inevitably constrained. How can our creativity as women be fully nurtured and manifest in a world wherein 90% of consumer products are designed by men, when cities and economies are built and dominated by men? 

So let us gather, discover and taste the true potential of our collective imagination as women. Let’s imagine what the world might look like with our fullest and deepest self-expression. 


Facilitation by Rishe of The Gene-Sis with prayer, discussion, movement and Torah study.

Later Event: February 17
Limmud NYC