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Dance Through It

  • New Woman Space 188 Woodpoint Road Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

Our bodies are magic processing machines, receiving the wisdom of daily life that is imprinted through every interaction; every life event, every conversation and every trauma. We embed them within our very cells and they shape the beings we are, without our conscious knowing. How to release the trauma, the pain, the hurt, that time you shrugged at a coworker or clenched a fist at a frustrating friend or held your breath around a stranger? When we move, we allow spirit to come in and heal us, to infuse every cell with divine healing and to move through our pain and trauma. When we dance consciously, in a safe space with no judgement or expectation, we allow our bodies to teach us the wisdom they've accumulated, to release the pain and trauma of time an find our own inner strength and magic through the medicine of dance. Join us at creative healing collective for a day of dance, of healing and releasing with the power of our bodies moving through loss and pain to come forth into healing

*This event is open to all those who are either in the process of grieving the loss of a loved one or are experiencing any other deep and upsetting loss that needs procesing. 

*Cost: $10 (no one will be turned away due to lack of funds)
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About the facilitator:
Rishe Groner is a writer, teacher and devotee of conscious dance as her medicine and meditation. She has written about conscious dance for publications including Tablet and Elephant Journal, and held space in the dance floor for everyone from disenchanted secular New Yorkers to ultra Orthodox chassidic women.