1:00 am01:00

The Dance of Revelation: An Embodied Journey to Malchut of Malchut @ Shavuot Across Brooklyn

  • Beth Elohim

The body possesses endless wisdom, stored in every limb and every muscle, released when we move and flow into who we are. We dance to meditate, to pray and to awaken, as we move into receiving the Torah with revelation, joy, and full expression of creative manifestation: Malchut of Malchut, on the 49th day of the Omer. Wake up with a fully immersive, embodied dance journey as we receive the Torah with our bodies as well as our souls. Let's dance like God is watching. (dress comfortably, bring water!)

Rishe Groner is a writer, teacher and creator of embodied spiritual experiences based on Jewish traditions from Chassidic and Kabbalistic sources. She is the founder of The Gene-Sis, a movement geared towards culturally appropriating Judaism with intentional embodied practice.

Feb 20

Limmud NYC

  • Hyatt Regency Princeton

Celebrating Jewish life and learning in all of its diversity, by bringing together Jews of all backgrounds and all ages.

Friday February 17, 1pm: Niggun as Transformation - A Meditation Journey

Friday February 17, 9pm: Awakening the Shechinah: Towards Full Expression of the Feminine

Sunday February 19, 9am: Is Cannabis Kosher? The Torah of Marijuana

Monday February 20, 8am: Dance Through It: An Embodied Movement Prayer

Well of Wills Retreat
Dec 18

Well of Wills Retreat

  • shakespeare on the hudson

Join us for a weekend of feminine creative empowerment and imagination exploration at the glorious Shakespeare-on-Hudson, with feminine spiritual exploration by Rishe of TheGene-Sis.

5:00 pm17:00

Hour of Happiness with Gratitude Migration & The Alchemist's Kitchen

  • Alchemist's Kitchen

Thanksgiving. A day we celebrate the abundance in our lives, and consider how we might express our gratitude in giving to others.

Gratitude Migration and the Alchemist's Kitchen come together this Thanksgiving weekend to heal, to empower, and to share all the good in our community and our lives.
Join us for an evening of art, music, dance, intention, and inspiration!

*5:00-7:00pm: Hour of Happiness (Free Entry)
Mix and mingle with local activists, grassroots organizations, makers, and healers.
*Music by Justin Terranova
*Community empowerment with Arc 38

*Extended Hour of Happiness:
Minimum suggested donation: $25
to support the Gratitude Migration Art & Education Fund and community initiatives of The Alchemist's Kitchen.

*7:00-8:00pm: School of Dreams Speakers
A brief Q&A about the vision and future of Gratitude Migration
Rishe Groner - Gratitude is the Medicine
Tim Shilstone: The Light in the Dark
Jan Gerards - Arc of Humanity

*8:00-9:00pm: Immersive Sound Bath with Tom Montagliano

*9:00-10:00pm: 5Rhythms with McKenzie Amara

*Live Visionary Shamanic UV 3D painting by Tico Chango
*VARADIANCE by Ali Macadoodle
*Discounted state-changing elixirs all night.

$25 suggested donation

*The four principles of gratitude*:
Positive Transformation
Skillfully working with our emotions using the principles of alchemy and the power of gratitude, we can inspire happiness.

Human Connection
Reinforcing a sense of connectivity and empathy to create a feeling of universal oneness, we can forge lasting kinships and feel unity with one another.

Creative Expression
Using art and creativity as a means of healing and expression, to make sense of our human experience, we can provide the tools to inspire others to do the same.

Reconnecting to our wild natures and inner children, and by bringing awareness to the critical position of humanity on this planet, we form a more conscious, harmonious relationship with the natural world.

4:00 pm16:00

Dance Through It

  • New Woman Space

Our bodies are magic processing machines, receiving the wisdom of daily life that is imprinted through every interaction; every life event, every conversation and every trauma. We embed them within our very cells and they shape the beings we are, without our conscious knowing. How to release the trauma, the pain, the hurt, that time you shrugged at a coworker or clenched a fist at a frustrating friend or held your breath around a stranger? When we move, we allow spirit to come in and heal us, to infuse every cell with divine healing and to move through our pain and trauma. When we dance consciously, in a safe space with no judgement or expectation, we allow our bodies to teach us the wisdom they've accumulated, to release the pain and trauma of time an find our own inner strength and magic through the medicine of dance. Join us at creative healing collective for a day of dance, of healing and releasing with the power of our bodies moving through loss and pain to come forth into healing

*This event is open to all those who are either in the process of grieving the loss of a loved one or are experiencing any other deep and upsetting loss that needs procesing. 

*Cost: $10 (no one will be turned away due to lack of funds)
Purhase tickets here:

*Please RSVP via facebook or send us an email at

About the facilitator:
Rishe Groner is a writer, teacher and devotee of conscious dance as her medicine and meditation. She has written about conscious dance for publications including Tablet and Elephant Journal, and held space in the dance floor for everyone from disenchanted secular New Yorkers to ultra Orthodox chassidic women.

10:00 am10:00

Prayer Service @ Brooklyn Women's Chavurah

  • Repair the World

Join Rishe in the Shacharit (morning) prayer service at the Brooklyn Women's Chavurah, a unique representation of Orthodox Judaism with a women-led prayer open to all genders. Prayer, song, niggunim and Torah service, followed by Kiddush lunch.

9:30 pm21:30

Cabaret Performance @ Mister Rogers Presents: The Cabaret Party

  • Mister Rogers

Join us for this interactive, immersive theater experience where the entire party is your stage.

There will be plenty of musical performances as the story unfolds throughout the night. Burlesque, spoken word poetry, magic, craft cocktails, and other surprises await you, and a Master of Ceremonies, of course. But our performers are willing to share the stage with you- yes YOU- our lovely guests. Feel free to explore taking on a character of your creation. If you’re feeling particularly brave, come prepared to perform.

10:00 am10:00

"Return To You: A Journey to Your Highest Self" @ Nomadico Festival by Meso Creso

  • Nomadico Festival

Using an ancient method for clearing past channels and moving into our future, highest selves, we revisit the process of returning to our essence, or "Teshuvah", with partner work, meditation, visualization and movement. Move beyond the past into your highest, brightest self using ancient methods from sacred Kabbalistic tradition

9:00 am09:00

Rosh Hashana Redux: Egalitarian and Chassidic

  • Repair The World

**Location confirmed: Repair the World NYC**
808 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY. Close to the Nostrand Ave 3 train / President St 2 train / Franklin Ave 4 train.
Thank you to our hosts at Repair the World and thank you to all of you for coming and participating! Please bring your own Machzor, Nusach Ari or other, and a potluck dish to share for Kiddush / lunch. And anything else you would like to make this prayer your own.

Rosh Hashana: A traditional minyan according to nusach arizal
full liturgy with as many niggunim as possible
egalitarian unity of divine feminine and sacred masculine
ecstatic, chassidic and prayerful
brought to you by The Genesis
Crown Heights, Brooklyn
followed by potluck lunch / kiddush

Let's go on a journey.. the king and queen is in the field

Rosh Hashanah is the day we
Coronate and acknowledge the glory of Divine power
Remember and express gratitude for Divine benevolence
Pray, line up and manifest the sweetness of the year to come
Call to battle with the cry of the Shofar and express triumph as we wage our deepest, innermost battles to be exactly who we can be

Let's do it, together
It won't be short
It will be very sweet
we'll start early and go late

Come for as long as you can, respect the process
enter and exit respectfully
Contribute however you can: lead part of the service; blow the shofar; read the Torah; offer space; sponsor Kiddush. This is organic, this is new, and this is a dream that we will make reality if we do it with open hearts and the help of the Divine

with blessings for a Kesivah V'Chasimah Tovah, a year written in honey, glazed in maple syrup and punctuated with sweet chocolate chips!

7:00 pm19:00

Shabbat @ Burning Man - Milk + Honey

Shabbat at festivals is the ultimate in transformation and transcendence. Join us at Milk + Honey (formerly Sukkat Shalom) for a Shabbat prayer ceremony like no other filled with song, dance and ecstatic prayer. Rishe will be leading the candlelighting portion of the ceremony and drawing in light for the entire Shabbat and the entire festival.

3:00 pm15:00

Reclaiming the Feminine @ Burning Man, "Question Everything" Center Camp Speaker Series

  • Black Rock City, Nevada United States

"Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: A social, economic, corporate and Kabbalistic view"

We know the world is changing, and reclaiming the feminine is at the forefront. How did we lose our feminine power, according to the ancient mystical tales of the Kabbalah, and how is it coming back? What will the future world powered by feminine energy look like and how does it differ from conventional feminism across all the waves? 

Join me at the Center Camp Cafe, Spoken Word Stage (3 o'clock side) at 3pm for a 25 minute talk followed by 10 minutes Q&A.

2:15 pm14:15

"Journeying from Darkness into Light: The Chabad Niggun as a Map for Personal Redemption" @ Let My People Sing, Isabella Freedman

  • Isabella Freedman Retreat Center

Explore the evolution of niggun in the Chabad tradition and understand how they reflect the journey of the soul from darkness into ecstasy. Join us in learning and singing key Chabad niggunim while reflecting over our own spiritual journey and how we can use this map as a method to transform. In particular, we will focus on using joy as a tool for transformation, moving from a space of soulful yearning into ultimate expansion as our world shifts in consciousness.

Jun 12

"Receiving Revelation: Beyond Time" @ Korban Shavuot with Rabbi Dan & Kirtan Rabbi

  • Mister Rogers

Exploring the relationship between Jewish holidays and time as a construct, leading up to the revelation of Divinity on Mount Sinai that is celebrated on Shavuot.

A short talk among an evening of music, song and kirtan with the Korban Shabbat Band as well as Rabbi Andrew Hahn, "The Kirtan Rabbi".

@ Mister Rogers, Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY