A 49-Day Journey to Your Highest Self


A 49-Day Journey to Your Highest Self

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Ready to discover your highest self? Join us on a 49-day journey.

Explore ancient mystical traditions fused with modern psychology to unhack and uncover the true essence of your soul.

E-course includes daily email inspiration and application; and weekly video course classes for using the Sefirot to map your transformation to your highest self.

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A Universal Journey to Transformation Based on the 7 Sefirot of Kabbalah


Discover Your Highest Self with Ancient Mystical Teachings, Contemporary Psychology and Real-Life Applications

Intro: Liberating Yourself from Confining Habits

Week 1: "Chesed" - Opening The Heart

Week 2: "Gevurah" - Defining Boundaries

Week 3: "Tiferet" - Discovering Balance

Week 4: "Netzach" - Overcoming Obstacles

Week 5: "Hod" - Acknowledging Limitations

Week 6: "Yesod" -  Finding Your Ground

Week 7: "Malchut" - Going Forth 

A seven-week (plus one) online course helping you reach your highest self through mystical teachings fused with real life applications, delivered via weekly video classes and daily email instructional tips.

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What are the Sefirot?

The Sefirot are a map of metaphysical existence based on seven distinct energies that emanate from Divine source into distinct attributes that relate to human and Divine emotions, behaviors and patterns.

Traditionally, the seven weeks between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost) are marked by 49 days of transformation and self-improvement, each week represented by a different Sefirah, which integrates with the other seven to create 49 unique energetic components.

Passover is a journey from old habits, thought patterns and negativity, but the journey doesn’t end there. Tradition tells that when the Jews left the land of Egypt, they weren’t ready to immediately receive the Divine revelation at Sinai – instead, they took 49 days of sojourning in the wilderness to refine themselves from the layers of spiritual debris that had accumulated over the years of slavery to Egyptian ideology. Only after this transformation process were they open to receive the revelation of Divine teachings at Mount Sinai.

The 7 emotional Sefirot represent the physical parts of the body, the chakras, and our own emotional responses to life, within ourselves, our relationships and our understanding of the Divine.

In this course, you will learn:

·      The Kabbalistic roots of our existence

·      How each Sefirah translates to a personal emotional attribute

·      The variations of each Sefirah as they interact with one another to create a full spectrum of human and Divine emotion

·      How to refine and work on each Sefirah separately and together with the others to fully realize our true selves

You will receive:

·      One weekly video class outlining and explaining the Sefirah of the week, from “Chesed” heart-opening love down to “Malchut” - integrated expression

·      Practical applications for each attribute in your physical, mental and emotional life

·      49 days of daily email tips featuring practical tips and affirmations


·      Recorded meditations

·      Journal exercises

·      Additional online content and resources


·      Experience true transformation by following an ancient map to fully actualizing your personality

·      Apply the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah with modern day-to-day tips for contemporary living

·      Understand the mystical frameworks of existence by digging deep into the meaning of the Sefirot and how they help us understand ourselves and the Divine


Preview our Introductory class here and watch the first video on Transcending Limitations.