"If words are the pen of the heart, then music is the pen of the soul" - Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the "Alter" Rebbe of Chabad

Since the beginning of time, tales were told with the sound of the drum. Music would convey untold stories. Legends would unfold through movement. Communities would form through dance and song. And music remains the medicine that heals, the medium that presents truth, the vibration that transcends all others to creative magic moments.

Music is the place where we go to be alone and the place where we go to connect. Sacred sounds and the heartbeat of humanity are responsible for evolving our planet and helping us each grow on our path to transformation, self-actualization and spirituality. Music is the key.

The Gene-Sis Music Marketing division is focused on bringing musicians to the right target audience through conscious, connected audiences focusing on the East Coast and throughout the United States. With strategic partnerships in Australia, Northern California and New York City, we help you find an audience and a place to express your sacred sounds with the right partners and revenue generating abilities.


Marketing and Content Creation

We’re here to help you tell your story as a musician, so it’s not just your music that stands out. From writing your bio to creating an electronic press kit, website and other marketing collateral, we also manage blogs and create unique content to get you noticed.


Music Publishing

Our partners in music production are experienced in all aspects of recording, engineering and mixing as well as licensing and publishing music so you’re covered for all your legal needs.



Social Media Strategy & Advertising

We use specialized research and targeting methods to help you find the perfect audience to promote your music on just the right channel, from Facebook ads to YouTube optimization, Soundcloud influencers and other social media.


Events, Concerts and Experiential Marketing 

Whether you're a brand or a band, we help you to create experiential events that showcase not just your music but also your overall message. We partner with unique venues and festivals to create musical experiences that are as much a prayer as a performance


Audience Building

We leverage our network of influencers and press contacts to get you press coverage on websites and blogs, engagement on social media pages, and recommendations from the influencers who matter.


Business Development and Partnerships

Musicians are the carriers of the message, and as the world shifts there are countless organizations seeking a medium to promote conscious living. We partner artists with the corporations that matter, to create social change that’s long lasting and financially sustainable.